Real Life Review 2013: Bashment Vibes in Boscobel, St Mary, Jamaica

Bashment Vibes founder Orantes Moore at the Blue Lagoon in Portland, JamaicaDear readers: as some of you may know, I left London in October 2012 with the intention of travelling to Boscobel, a small fishing village in the historic parish of St Mary on the north coast of Jamaica, to stay with my family for four weeks, writes Orantes Moore.

But the allure of this idyllic community – located close to Ocho Rios; the James Bond-inspired Goldeneye resort; and world-famous Beaches hotel – proved too overwhelming and so one month turned into three; three into six; six into 12; and 12 into 15.

Bashment Vibes founder Orantes Moore and music journalist Nadine White

with music journalist Nadine White in Halfway Tree, Kingston

During that time, I’ve had lots of fun hooking up with friends and colleagues from back home, including dancehall sound system The Heatwave; music journalist Nadine White; and graphic designer Robert Brooks.

Other highlights include a productive day spent chaperoning British dancehall rapper Mr Midas on a mission to purchase: ‘…a brand new rhythm from a hot producer at a good price;’ and an inspiring discussion with Midas and the highest-earning Jamaican rapper of 2013, Busy Signal.

Around the same time, I secured a post as the correspondent for St Mary at The Gleaner Company, the oldest and largest news publisher in the English-speaking Caribbean (and owner of The Voice newspaper in Britain).

Since then, I’ve been working hard developing content for the Gleaner’s newspaper, website and radio platforms; hence the lack of reggae and dancehall uploads on this site recently.

Bashment Vibes founder Orantes Moore, Dancehall Arena CEO Prezzi Barnett, Mr Midas and Cubanis

with Dancehall Arena CEO Prezzi Barnett, Mr Midas and producer/rapper Cubanis

Nevertheless, as Shabba Ranks said on Flesh Axe, it’s a ‘New year, new style, new everyting’ (Buju Banton later remodelled the lyrics for his dance anthem, Bogle), which means you can guarantee there will be some great Jamaican music and culture content on this blog throughout 2014.

In the meantime, please accept our belated ‘Happy New Year’ greetings and sincerest apologies for the lack of posts over the past two months.

Check out some of the Gleaner content here and feel free to search the Bashment Vibes blog for archive features, interviews and articles you may have missed. Enjoy…

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