Bashment Vibes Featured in The Heatwave’s ‘Voice Kartel’ Podcast

Vybz Kartel recording in prison
A few weeks back, we hooked up with our friends British sound system The Heatwave who were visiting Jamaica for the first time, writes Orantes Moore.

We had a good chat (look out for the interview later this month) and discussed a wide range of issues, including how Vybz Kartel has maintained his ranking as Jamaica’s number one rapper, despite being in jail for the past two years.

I recalled how during the 1990s and 2000s, when top performers such as Shabba Ranks and Beenie Man left the island for anything longer than four weeks, their popularity declined rapidly, and noted how Kartel was the first dancehall artist to maintain favour with the genre’s fickle fans, despite an extended absence.

I suggested the only explanation for recent hits such as Business and Weed Smokers was that Kartel had been recording while in prison, but Heatwave selector Gabriel remained unconvinced.

Nevertheless, after some studious research, he has come to the same conclusion.

In The Heatwave’s latest podcast, titled ‘Voice Kartel,’ Gabriel credits me with convincing him the rapper has been recording and releasing songs while incarcerated. Check it out (1:03) above.

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