Vybz Kartel Locked Up, But Still In Business

Vybz Kartel BusinessVybz Kartel’s latest release, Business , is an ex-rated banger produced by Linton White of TJ Records and most likely recorded long after October 2011 when the rapper was remanded into custody on a murder charge.

In December, we noted how, despite his incarceration, Kartel’s music was still dominating the scene, and six month later very little has changed.

The controversial rapper has been locked up for almost two years and according to the judge hearing the case, he must wait another five months before his trial starts.

Nevertheless, Kartel remains the most potent force in contemporary scene and tracks such as Business simply confirm his self-proclaimed status as a true ‘dancehall hero.’

Although the boastful moniker may seem a little sensationalist; what other term could be used to describe a man who has been locked up for 20 months, but still maintains his standing as the world’s most famous underground (unsigned) rapper?

Check out and buy the new track, above.

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