Maxi Priest Exclusive: ‘My New Song is Emotional’

Maxi Priest, Easy to Love, Wide World

25 years ago this month, British lovers rock legend Maxi Priest reached number five in the British charts and the top 30 in the US with a cover of the love song Wild World , writes Nadine White.

A quarter of a century later, Priest remains at the top of his game dropping reggae gems for his global legion of fans.

His latest offering, Easy to Love, is an upbeat collaboration with dancehall producer Colin ‘Bulby’ York that was inspired by a real-life experience.

Priest told Bashment Vibes: ‘Somewhere along the line, Easy to Love was inspired by a personal experience of mine. Music can be emotional art-form, an expression; and I’m pleased this song is one most people can relate to.’

The track, which has received considerable radio play and even entered the UK reggae charts, has the right formula to become a summer success, and in an industry that doesn’t always promise longevity, it is great to see the Grammy-nominated maestro still releasing quality.

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