Shabba Ranks Xtra Naked: Grammy Anniversary

Shabba Ranks, Xtra Naked

Today marks exactly 20 years since Shabba Ranks won a Grammy award for his landmark album Xtra Naked .

After securing an international deal with Epic Records in 1991, Shabba quickly conquered the US and UK markets and subsequently established himself as an international sex symbol, fashion icon and dancehall’s first real celebrity.

Xtra Naked is arguably Shabba’s finest album and comprises the perfect balance of hardcore anthems such as Ting a Ling and Bedroom Bully and crossover classics like Slow and Sexy.

The album is widely regarded as one of the best examples of a commercial dancehall LP and a significant benchmark acts such as Shaggy, Beenie Man and Sean Paul would later aim to emulate.

Check out the videos from Xtra Naked , above.

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