English Origins of Protoje Song Kingston Be Wise

Protoje, Kingston Be Wise, Ini Kamoze, England Be Nice, Sly and Robbie

Protoje’s latest single, Kingston Be Wise Kingston Be Wise - Kingston Be Wise - Single, is another hot single receiving lots of airplay on Irie FM radio station and Jamaican music TV shows.

It’s an excellent track with a great video, but we’re most impressed with the clever Ini Kamoze sample.

The original song, England Be Nice England Be Nice - Statement, is a track from the Hot Stepper’s sophomore LP, Statement Statement - Ini Kamoze, produced by Sly and Robbie and featuring some of the duo’s most pioneering digital dub beats, and lots of references to British slang and culture:

England, be nice. England, big on the ice…Now for pay. Blimey; a piece of cake and a cuppa tea, eh? My reward; oh no, a slice of bread and an avocado.’

Check out the videos above and oaccessjamaica.com for more info Protoje.

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